Sausage meets pasta meets marinara sauce meets heavy cream. There’s really nowhere to go but down from here—this one pot dinner has EVERYTHING GOOD! Plus, it’s relatively easy to make (especially if you learn from my mistakes 😅), you get TONS of leftovers, and I have to say, this is a great way to stretch out a pound of meat if you’re feeding a family. I’ve eaten two more giant bowls of this pasta since recording this video, and there’s STILL a huge glass bowl with more waiting for me in the refrigerator. It feels like such a decadent dish, I almost can’t believe I made it myself—with some help from Billy’s sauce, of course… but, like I mentioned, you don’t need to start out with homemade sauce if that’s not something you’re comfortable making. Just a nice can of crushed tomatoes and some seasoning will suffice! I love pasta. I ADORE cream sauce. And sausage is pretty good, too! So, when this got a positive review, how could I not be over the moon? Okay, I think I’ve finally written enough to please the cooking a-l-g-o gods. To anyone else who’s still reading this: drop me a comment with the pasta emoji! 🍝