Shepherd’s pie made with ground lamb has been on my to-do list for SO LONG, and today, we’re FINALLY doing it! You could make this recipe with ground beef, but I’ve heard lamb is traditional, so we’re going all out in this one! The meat base is packed with savory flavor from our onions, carrots, peas, rosemary, Worcestershire sauce, and of course, the ground lamb! Top that with creamy, buttery homemade mashed potatoes, and you’ve got yourself a real Irish delight. I garnished it with some fresh sprigs of rosemary, but that was really just to make it look pretty… this dish needs no additional seasoning or embellishment (in my slightly-biased opinion). St. Patrick’s Day may have already passed, but I *dare* you not to enjoy this hearty shepherd’s pie any day of the year! Pair it with a Guinness if you so wish for an even more Irish experience (or, you could always go with a beer that actually tastes good, y’know?).



I’m back and today we’re making shepherd’s pie by the time you’re watching this St Patrick’s Day has probably passed but they had ground lamb on sale so how could I resist

all right first of all you’re gonna need some kind of ground meat that’s not plant-based generally people seem to make this with either beef or lamb my mom used to make it with beef I actually hated shepherd’s pie when I was a kid but I’ve since changed my ways and now I’m excited for it I’ve never had it with lamb before but I heard that that’s traditional so we have I am not giving away free promotions to this brand but we have ground lamb here it really doesn’t say a whole lot on this package so I don’t know like what the fat ratio is I’m sure it’s gonna be great back to the rest of the ingredients parsley rosemary thyme they’re actually all in the same Bowl salt and ground black pepper again in the same Bowl one tablespoon of w sauce I am not going to try and pronounce that garlic as you can see I have yet to chop it we’ll get there all-purpose flour which I sifted I feel like my mom never did this when I was growing up I feel like I’m calling out my mom a lot I don’t mean it in a bad way but like when I was growing up baking we didn’t sift the flour and everything came out just fine so if you don’t have a sifter I don’t know if you need one but it’s fun to do so there’s that two tablespoons of tomato paste now this was a 🐕 by the way you know how tomato paste comes in those little cans I’ve never used it before and today was my first time it was impossible to open so if you don’t already have tomato paste in the house and you’re like me and you’ve never used it before just buy the stuff in the tube that’s going to be so much easier to work with or I’m the first person in the history of people to struggle opening tomato paste I don’t know tell me in the comments next we want one cup of broth the recipe says to use beef broth I’m using vegetable and I almost just spilled it okay and then lastly they say frozen peas and carrots as you can see mine are not frozen that’s not gonna stop me I also thought it would be a lot of fun to like get some variety because see here we have these rainbow carrots I love them they’re so much fun so I oh so that’s for the Meat part of the shepherd’s pie let’s talk about the potato part so obviously you need potatoes I have four russet potatoes and they’re growing eyes this is really annoying to me because we just bought these a week ago and I’m pretty sure they were fine then so it feels like they’re just trying to like Escape being cooked but it’s not gonna work I’m going to eat them then they want a whole stick of butter now we were just at the supermarket last night and I told Billy we don’t need to buy butter today we’ll wait until we go to Costco then I got this recipe and realized I need a whole stick so oops then we want a third of a cup of half and half I’m going to put this in the fridge until we’re ready for it because I don’t want it to get weird and in this bowl we have garlic powder salt and pepper now the last ingredient that they say to use is a quarter of a cup of Parmesan cheese I’m leaving the cheese out I feel like that’s Overkill and I’ve watched a lot of shepherd’s pie videos now and it looks like not everybody puts cheese in theirs and I like mashed potatoes how they are so no cheese for us now we’re going to start I’m going to chop up my carrots cut up my onion do whatever it is I have to do to the garlic and then we will peel the potatoes as the last step so that everything’s ready when we get to the stove this is miseen place I think is how you say it it is French for “get your 💩 together” and it’s probably the most time consuming part of cooking for me but I will show you guys a fun time lapse so get ready for that and then I’ll see you guys at the stove

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placing whatever all of the uh vegetables and 💩 are ready so we are at the stove now by the way I’m like the only Cooking Channel now that doesn’t have some b-roll of a flame turning on on the gas stove is that important to you guys should I start shooting that sound off in the comments but in the meantime we’re gonna turn on our flame and we’re gonna add some oh there’s a drop of water that’s probably dangerous we’re gonna remove the drop of water in the hot pan while it’s on because that’s super safe and we’re gonna add some oil and cook our onions I’m using olive oil if anybody wants to know because that’s what the recipe says to do oh and someone said to Salt the onions I remember in an earlier video so we’re gonna do that see the recipes never have those instructions so you can see why some of us never learn although I did learn I guess not from the food bloggers from the comments section so make sure if you are watching this and I make a mistake please tell me criticize me as much as you want there are no limits let’s get a little comes out fast so I’m gonna be careful

and as you guys can see if you’ve watched my videos before we have some different lighting going on mood lighting if you will I thought it would be fun I know um you know the lighting at my stove scenes is not always the best and I’m working on it uh it’s kind of hard to tell when I’m shooting I don’t really notice until I’m editing and obviously the right thing to do would be to film a test clip and then put that in the editing software and to see how it looks but I always forget to do that so this is very much a rinky dink YouTube channel subscribe I figured I should mention to you guys too I know before I said that I was gonna peel the potatoes before we got started at the stove and then it dawned on me that they’re gonna be sitting there probably turning brown while we’re cooking everything else so peeling potatoes is relatively quick even for me I’m just gonna do it before we’re ready to throw them in the water now these onions have not been in here that long but they seem kind of soft already oh that’s a big chunk all right guys I think it’s been about five minutes and it dawned on me that these onions are going to be cooked in the oven with everybody else so if they’re undercooked now they sure won’t be later now it’s time for the exciting part we’re gonna add in the lamb lamb here oh there’s paper on it break this sucker up can you guys see it’s starting to Brown already let me make sure I’m not supposed to add something else to it okay we want to add our herbs and salt and pepper the good thing I checked it’s all stuck not today salt in you go I think it’s helpful to talk to the ingredients

stirring occasionally well which is it stir well or stir occasionally we’re gonna stir well

by the way a little tip this might seem obvious to some people but this spatula is really nice because it doesn’t have any slots or holes in it see so we used to not have one like this and then when I would make ground turkey or really any kind of ground meat it would get like the raw meat would get like stuck in the slots and then I’d be like paranoid that I’m gonna kill us so I ordered one of these on Amazon we have like three of them now because I’m crazy but um if you’re a beginner which I imagine that’s probably who’s watching my channel I don’t know get one of these kinds of spatulas for cooking ground meat it’s a lot better and it’s easier to clean too because you don’t have gross little gunky bits of half cooked meat we’re in the final stretch now cooking the lamb I’ve watched this French chef on YouTube it was actually really funny he was he was making I think he called it cottage pie and it sounds like it’s almost the same as shepherd’s pie but it was really funny because he started the video and he was talking about how cottage pie is better than shepherd’s pie and his mother always used to make cottage pie when he was growing up and then throughout the rest of the video he kept referring to it as Shepherd pie so I think he was full of [ __ ] and his mother never made any of that but other than that he seemed like a nice guy there’s always a couple stragglers that refused to turn brown

yeah see this is the only thing I don’t like about grating my garlic I guess stuck everybody’s getting cooked today whether they like it or not what’s next flour and tomato paste

I don’t normally use flour this way and we want to get rid of all clumps of tomato paste well the flower did not create the kind of weirdness that I was expecting it to oh this is getting so hungry it’s time for our peas and carrots and broth and I forgot I don’t remember if I told you guys the recipe said to use frozen corn but like that doesn’t sound Irish to me so I’m leaving it out also the color of these peas is questionable at best so I understand now why my mother didn’t buy canned peas but we’re gonna use them because we’ve got them actually I’ve got the rest of this can of peas plus the rest of that tomato paste so I’m thinking I might make some Italian style pasta and peas I’m really excited so tell me in the comments if you would want to watch that but I’m probably going to do it anyway okay so we want to bring this liquid to a boil it says I feel like it should be stirred so that’s what I’m doing it smells so good there’s really not a lot of liquid so I don’t know how it’s gonna boil it’s like an Irish chili all right so it’s I would consider this boiling so then it says reduce to a simmer so I turn the flame down and we want this to simmer for five minutes so I’m not messing around I’m gonna set a timer and we want to stir occasionally and then we’re gonna set this aside so I’ll see you guys when this is uh I don’t know not cooking anymore a quick update I decided while we’re letting this meat mixture simmer I’m going to start heating up my water for the potatoes I also wanted to mention to you guys the recipe says to use about two russet potatoes is what they say I’m skeptical I got four because I don’t want to run out of mashed potato I would rather have too much than too little but um you guys will see you’ll see how many potatoes it really takes okay guys the timer just went off and I just wanted to show you really quickly what the meat is looking like right now it smells pretty good it looks pretty good I just turned the flame off and we’re gonna set it aside because that’s what the recipe says to do so I have my water heating up now once it’s boiling I’m going to peel the potatoes and throw them in and I I guess I’ll show you what that looks like so I’ll see you then okay guys my phone is getting a thorough steaming because the the water is boiling so we’re gonna add the potatoes and I’m going to show you because what kind of a YouTuber would I be if I didn’t

[Music] so I’m gonna set a timer for 10 minutes and then we’ll check on them but I will see you guys next when we’re ready to actually mash the potatoes okay guys the potatoes ended up needing closer to 15 minutes before I felt like they were fully cooked so now we have them in a bowl I let them sit for a full minute once I put them in the bowl I used my Spider by the way I didn’t use a strainer it’s just easier so we add all the ingredients and mash I wasn’t sure if we should Mash first so half and half I was like worried that the heat would curdle it or something I don’t know oh our butter is very soft now I took it out of the fridge when we started oh oh and the spices done I also have my hand mixer over here you’re probably gonna need to use this this is a lot of butter considering that I added more potatoes than they said to use this is not until I use the hand mixer so let’s stop wasting time smells good these look like my mom’s so I think we’re done all right guys this is the most exciting part now well actually no the most exciting part is when we taste it but this is pretty cooked so we are now going to fill my baking tray hang on there’s some 💩 on the table I’m gonna bring the meat mixture over we’re gonna pour that well I don’t have to tell you I’ll show you all right meat mixture in okay this does not fill out the whole pan just make a smaller shepherd’s pie was I really supposed to buy a whole new pan just to make this one recipe I’m not doing that just try to make it even fill in any holes


oh man we messed it up see now I made more potatoes than they said but I like this ratio I think you need to be thumbnail pretty or we have to pretend you never existed you know what this little naked bit will be perfect for Billy because he doesn’t even really like mashed potatoes all right we’re just gonna we’re just gonna eat this last bit I make a mean mashed potato even if I only make it about once a year all right I’m waiting for the oven to preheat then I’m gonna throw this in it says 25 to 30 minutes I think we’ll give it 30. so I’ll see you guys when it’s time for the taste test

we did not accomplish that kind of crust that you usually see on a shepherd’s pie I’m gonna guess my potatoes are maybe cheese thick or too creamy but you know what it is 8 30. it’s Tuesday I’m starving I’m sure Billy’s starving even though he won’t admit it so we’re not putting this back in the oven we’re waiting for it to cool and then we’re gonna eat it so there is already Rosemary in this this is more of a garnish for plating purposes and it covers the crack in yours I also intentionally gave you the part with less mashed potatoes because I know you don’t like them still very hot I’m glad it’s said to let it sit 15 minutes and I was worried it was gonna be cold hot

[Music] oh man I like it I didn’t get that much of the meat in my first bite it’s interesting but I don’t think I’m a fan of the Lamb so if I had made this with beef you think maybe you would like it probably I think it’s the lamb I don’t like



Here’s the shepherd’s pie recipe I followed.