If you gave me a choice right now between a million dollars or a nap, there’s a good chance I’d walk away from you with not a penny more to my name… that is, after I wake up.


I’m serious.  There are few things I love more than a good nap.


It’s not the same as going to sleep at night, either— it’s way better.  It’s like the difference between a juicy, medium rare steak and a well-done, dried out, leathery one.


Taking a nap can make you feel like you’re living in luxury, even if you’re still wearing the free T-shirt you got at your college orientation 10 years ago (hypothetically speaking, of course).  There’s just something about going to sleep during the day that makes you feel a cut above the rest— despite that being the absolute furthest thing from the truth.


Of course, waking up is where the pleasure ends.  I pretty much never wake up feeling good after a nap.  Instead, I’m left feeling sweaty, groggy, and semi-disappointed that I still haven’t figured out a more productive way to kill time.


And therein lies the paradox.  Because I crave an afternoon nap the way a junkie craves a hit.


Still, I’m sure I can’t be alone here… So, humor me, if you will.


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