When I first started recording videos, about a year ago, I started to notice sporadic, isolated clapping sounds in the footage. It was only ever one clap at a time. At first, I assumed it was just background noise I hadn’t noticed while I was shooting.

After the first incident, I started to pay more attention to any noise that might interfere with my videos. Most of the time, though, there wasn’t any (our house is pretty quiet).

Still, I would hear the sporadic, single claps whenever I watched my videos back. Billy (my boyfriend) and I thought there must’ve been something wrong with my microphone cable, so we replaced it. But the claps continued.

Mind you, this whole time, I was saying “this must be a ghost!”

…but eventually I started to think that there must just be something wrong with my camera, and I really should’ve brought it back to the store while it was still within the return window.

So, here I’ve been, thinking to myself that my camera is faulty and adds clapping sounds to my footage. Then, last night, I shot a new video. This time, I was taking clips on my PHONE. Mind you, I don’t use a separate mic when I record videos on my phone.

Then, today, as I watched that phone footage back, lo and behold, THERE WAS A CLAP! RIGHT as I was speaking to the camera. And no, it wasn’t audible while I was recording. So, there’s only one explanation: a clapping ghost.

I don’t usually draw any extra attention to the ghost claps in my videos, but I did in this particular one, right around the 6 minute 10 seconds mark.

NO ONE ELSE was anywhere near me while I was recording this video: