How To Avoid Going Stir-Crazy While We Practice Social Distancing

I’m not trying to make light of the COVID-19 pandemic at all, but can we all agree that “social distancing” is a just a funny-sounding phrase?




Here Are 8 Ways To Keep Yourself Occupied While We Ride Out This Pandemic


1. Keep getting showered and dressed as if you were going to leave the house.


I’ve recently decided to start planning out my outfits in advance like I used to when I worked in an office, and it’s already really improved my mood.  I think being able to look forward to wearing the clothes you picked out makes a huge difference in your overall mindset for the day, so give it a try, and leave a comment below letting me know how you like it.


2. Start doing the things you would have otherwise never had time for.


It could be reading, painting, working out, or even blogging, but we all have those hobbies/ activities that we tell ourselves we’re too busy to pursue.  If you’re reading this post, then I’m assuming you’ve got extra time on your hands that you’re looking to kill, and picking up a new hobby is the perfect way to do it!


3. Practice meditating.


Let’s face it, if you’ve got extra time to kill with everything that’s going on, you’re probably going to find yourself worrying… and worrying won’t keep you or your loved ones healthy.  Meditating, on the other hand, helps to clear your mind and calm your nerves.  Not to mention, the more you practice meditating, the better you’ll be at keeping your cool in stressful situations.


If you’ve never meditated before and don’t know how to get started, I recommend looking up guided meditations or binaural beats on YouTube.  I also really enjoy the Beatfulness app to play binaural beats without having to keep my phone’s screen on, but unfortunately, it’s only available for iPhone currently.


4. Start a diary.


This might sound funny, but I find writing my thoughts down to be oddly soothing, especially if I’m stressed about something and don’t want to burden someone else with my fears.  Plus, given how strange this entire situation is, I think it could be interesting to have a journal you can look back on— or share with your kids/ grandkids— when this is all over and (maybe) long forgotten.


5. Take an online course.


And no, it doesn’t need to be related to your profession— in fact, I recommend intentionally studying something outside of your job duties.  It could be cooking, sewing, drawing/ illustrating, playing an instrument… you get the picture (speaking of which, photography would be a really fun subject to study, too!).


I’ve really enjoyed taking classes through Udemy in the past (no, I’m not an affiliate), but you can also find low-priced, legitimate courses in whatever field interests you with a quick Google search.


Look at it this way: you’ll never regret having learned something new, and we’ve all got some time to spare now, anyway.


6. Put down your phone and listen to your favorite music.


There’s something almost therapeutic about getting lost in a song.  Every now and then, I like to create new playlists so I can listen, zone out, and sort of clear my mind.  And speaking of sitting still and listening, this brings me to my next recommendation:


7. Sit down and listen to an audiobook.


One of my favorite ways to experience a book is to just close my eyes and listen to someone else narrate it.  If you have a library card, you may even be able to borrow digital audiobooks from your home— otherwise, Audible has a pretty impressive selection, and their app’s not half-bad (again, I’m not an affiliate).


8. Talk to your friends and family on the phone.


And don’t just text— it’s not the same.


What’s your favorite way to keep yourself occupied/ distracted?