Sausage meets pasta meets marinara sauce meets heavy cream. There’s really nowhere to go but down from here—this one pot dinner has EVERYTHING GOOD! Plus, it’s relatively easy to make (especially if you learn from my mistakes 😅), you get TONS of leftovers, and I have to say, this is a great way to stretch out a pound of meat if you’re feeding a family. I’ve eaten two more giant bowls of this pasta since recording this video, and there’s STILL a huge glass bowl with more waiting for me in the refrigerator. It feels like such a decadent dish, I almost can’t believe I made it myself—with some help from Billy’s sauce, of course… but, like I mentioned, you don’t need to start out with homemade sauce if that’s not something you’re comfortable making. Just a nice can of crushed tomatoes and some seasoning will suffice! I love pasta. I ADORE cream sauce. And sausage is pretty good, too! So, when this got a positive review, how could I not be over the moon? Okay, I think I’ve finally written enough to please the cooking a-l-g-o gods. To anyone else who’s still reading this: drop me a comment with the pasta emoji! 🍝




I’m back and today we’re making one pot creamy sausage pasta let’s talk about what we need obviously you need some pasta the recipe says to use eight ounces of pasta so just keep that in mind you don’t want to use a whole package the next obvious choice is sausage meat the recipe says you could use any kind of ground meat if you want so it doesn’t have to necessarily be sausage and I want to say really quickly too you could use sausage links just take them out of the casing that’s what I did it was a very disgusting process I recommend if you’re gonna go that route do it on a garbage night one medium sized onion they say to use four cloves of garlic but I used extra and I decided to grate mine on the little rasp I don’t know what it’s called in a kitchen microplane I think it’s called a microplane we’ve got some kosher salt I actually feel like I might have poured out too much so I don’t know if I’ll be using all of this ground black pepper a little bit of crushed red pepper a quarter cup of Parmesan cheese heavy cream which by the way oh that’s almost filled by the way if you’re like me and you’re at the store and all you see is heavy whipping cream that is the same thing that then the recipe says we want a little bit of dry white wine someone with more class than me is gonna have to tell me if Pinot Grigio is a dry white wine because I’m not really that good at classifying wines but this is what we have and it’s gonna do they also say to use fresh basil they want a quarter of a cup and it’s so funny because for a long time we were lousy with basil we had it in the AeroGarden and we were growing it outside but at this point in time we don’t have fresh basil so I substituted this is four teaspoons of dried basil so that’s the equivalent roughly according to the internet of a quarter cup of chopped fresh basil and speaking of substitutions I also substituted this is a Jarred fire roasted red bell pepper you’re supposed to use just a fresh red bell pepper and that is the only thing I forgot to buy when I was shopping for this video but we weren’t gonna let that stop us they also say to add fennel seeds but I’m pretty sure those are disgusting so I’m not going to be doing that oh and I feel like I forgot to say this they want you to use 16 ounces of marinara sauce now Billy made this we can do a separate video on how he made this I have actually never made sauce so either he will make it in the video or I will follow recipe instructions from him so don’t worry I will tell you how we did this but if you are like me and you don’t know how to make marinara sauce but you also don’t want to cook with Jarred sauce the recipe says that you could substitute instead of using marinara sauce you can just use almost a chopped tomato crushed tomato with Italian seasoning so I think we got through everything we’re ready now let’s go over to the stove all right guys we’re at the stove now we’re gonna turn on the flame and heat up our pan I guess for about 30 seconds we’re gonna add some olive oil and now this is the point where you want to add onions and peppers if you’re using a fresh bell pepper my bell pepper is kind of already cooked so I think I’m just gonna leave it out at this step because it’s supposed to soften but mine’s already soft

and somebody commented in one of my last videos and said that I should salt the onions when I saute them so I am going to do that now so we don’t want to do too much so we’ll be a little conservative here this is also a very big salt I don’t really know uh I don’t know if this is the best kind but that’s what we’re using and the recipe does say that this is going to take about eight minutes for these onions to soften oh those are some big chunks nobody has to know oh this is also the first time I did not remove the core of the onion I know onions don’t have pores like apples but I feel like the inside is weird so I usually don’t include it today I did so we’ll see if I die all right I will see you guys in eight minutes okay guys I don’t actually know how long it’s been but the onions are popping they look pretty soft and I feel like they want their friends now I’m gonna throw in my roasted red pepper let me turn the flame down a little bit too okay so we’re gonna add our garlic I’m trying to move fast because uh garlic can burn fast if you’re gonna add fennel Now’s the Time to do it I am not but we’re gonna do black pepper crushed red pepper and it said a good pinch of salt let’s try not to overdo it but that seems like enough to me I think that was it oh that garlic is exciting me and now it’s time to crumble the sausage so let’s get that all right here we go everybody

[Music] I’m Gonna Fill my bowl with some soapy water because this is freaking me out we should probably break this up a bit more and I think there’s more we have to do I was right it’s time for the wine this recipe moves fast it says to scrape up any uh brown on the bottom of the pan but I don’t have any so

oh I might have added the wine too early oops it said to uh cook the sausage until browned but it was like all listed in the same step so I don’t know maybe hold off on adding your wine if you’re cooking along it’s fine we want the alcohol to cook out anyway right maybe I’ll add more after all right I’ll see you guys when the sausage is browned all right guys so this cooked now if I were better at following directions now is the part where I would be adding in the wine I thought about adding more but I don’t want it to be like I want it to taste like wine so we’re gonna leave it as is now it’s time for us to add the sauce and three cups of water I forgot to mention that earlier when I went through the ingredients you also want four cups of water but it’s three cups at one point one cup at another point so anyway let’s get going oh this sauce was in the freezer so it’s uh still a little uh solid it’s not frozen but it’s like all in one jar-shaped ball it’s fine everything’s fine

three cups of water split up between the two jars trying to get as much of the sauce out as I can let’s give this a stir this is looking like a big old mess right now oh this is why you shouldn’t wear white when you uh cook with me I have had this cream just sitting here and I just realized we don’t need it until the end so I’m gonna put this in the fridge so now we want to stir in our pasta we want to make sure it’s all uh in there I don’t know I think it said well combined I’m really excited to see how this comes out so we want to bring our pot to a boil now so I’m turning up the heat see you guys when it’s boiling okay guys so I think this counts as boiling now it’s bubbling quite a bit so we want to Now cover this and lower it to medium low to cook it says for 15 to 17 minutes and during that time I’m supposed to Stir It occasionally which I will do this time so I’m going to set a timer I think for 15 minutes because I don’t I don’t like when my pasta gets too soft so I’ll see you guys after 15 minutes okay just kidding guys uh we still have four minutes left on the timer but I wanted to show you what the pasta is looking like at this point I forgot to mention the recipe says to add the remaining cup of water little by little every five minutes but look at how watery this is looking right now like I like my sauce thick I don’t like watery sauces and I didn’t even add the extra cup of water so I decided to break the rules a little bit we skipped that last cup of water and I am now letting this continue to cook with the lid off for these last couple minutes because I want my sauce to be thick I’ll see you when the timer’s done okay guys so I actually ended up giving the pasta another two minutes after the timer was done I just felt like it was still a little bit too hard but I think we’re good now so we are ready to add the rest of our ingredients we’re gonna add the heavy cream and it says we want to give this two minutes to warm up try to get every last drop I feel like I forgot to mention this but it says to use a quarter cup of Parmesan cheese I’m using pecorino Romano because that’s what we buy stir that in I don’t want to overcook the cream I don’t know what could happen and then we want to add most of our basil we just want to save some for garnish [Music] probably adequate this is looking real pretty now I love a good cream sauce so it is 9 17 at night I guess I will wait until 9 19 and then I’ll turn the flame off and we’ll get our thumbnail shot and do a taste test okay guys we did it all right this camera is crooked I’m so bad at this now Billy doesn’t really like sweet Italian sausage he actually hates it he despises it but he agreed to try this foreign

[Music] it’s pretty good the sauce is my marinara sauce right like with cream and seasoning yes it is your marinara sauce so technically I made the sauce you did the seasoning is good and everything is good I don’t really like sweet Italian sausage if this was hot italian sausage I would probably eat this [Music]


Here’s the one pot creamy sausage pasta recipe I followed.