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So, we just finished the mini-series last night, and I’ve got some thoughts to share…


First, I should start by mentioning that I did not read the book, however, based on my [boyfriend’s] online research, it seems that Hulu took some rather unnecessary liberties by introducing racial tensions to the plot.


Hey Hollywood, if you could stop pushing the narrative that heterosexual whites are the root of all evil, that’d be great…



My Critique


Although we didn’t have high hopes for this show initially (and probably wouldn’t have watched it at all had we not been stuck inside and bored), the first two episodes sucked us in.


Between the conflicts within the Richardsons’ own family and the tension caused by Elena’s decision to rent to Mia, a single mother who was clearly running from something, at first glance, Little Fires Everywhere seems to have the makings of a truly binge-worthy show.


By the third episode, however, the plot takes a significant turn.  A new character and storyline are introduced, and suddenly, all the tensions that had been introduced in the first two episodes are put on the back-burner.


I couldn’t help thinking that the third episode was written by an entirely new team who didn’t consult with the previous writers— that’s how sharp of a turn the story took.  From then on, it was like we were watching a completely different show from the one we were “sold” on in the first episode.


Still, because we’ve been trapped inside due to stay-at-home orders, we kept watching.


Last night, the finale was “released,” and for me, it was the final nail in the coffin.  The “plot twist” was, sadly, predictable, and now that it’s over, I regret wasting so many hours watching this show.


But, hey, if there’s any silver lining, at least it gave me something to write about.


My Rating: 2.5 out of 5 (would not recommend)


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