If you’re reading this in real time, then you already know that the coronavirus pandemic/ panic is in full swing right now.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t experience my own fair share of anxiety— I’ve had trouble sleeping, trouble eating, and I’ve been sick to my stomach thinking about all the ways this virus could destroy life as we know it.


Finally, I decided that enough is enough.  I’m not going to let myself worry about COVID-19 anymore.  I’ve deleted the social media apps from my phone, and my new plan moving forward is to stay busy and focus on being productive, which brings me back to the title of this blog post.


See, back in late December, I made a promise to myself that I would make sure 2020 was the year I stopped letting myself waste time.  Time is precious, life is short, and although I like to think I’m always conscious of how I spend my time, the reality is, I could be doing a significantly better job.


At the beginning of the year, I laid a few ground rules for myself that I’ve since begun to forget about, and I’m now working on putting them back in place.  Here they are:


1. No more wasting time looking at social media (this is especially important now, since everything I’ve seen online over the past couple of weeks has been flat out fearmongering).


2. No more wasting time watching pointless YouTube videos. Obviously, YouTube is a great platform for learning new skills and, occasionally, it can be pretty entertaining— but I want to avoid wasting my time watching the pointless hauls, vlogs, and unboxing videos that I’ve found myself getting hooked on over the last few years.


3. Read (from a book) every single day


4. Make every hour of the day count (especially when it comes to work). This one is especially important, as I’ve started to notice that I get migraines when I spend too much time looking at the computer screen.


5. Make it a priority to meditate on a regular basis, if not daily.  (I’m pretty sure I have high blood pressure, but even if I don’t, I do know I could benefit from calming the fuck down every now and again.  Actually, we probably all could…)


6. And, this last one isn’t really a rule, but I want to be better about maintaining a state of flow when it comes to running my business— rather than working myself to the point of exhaustion, and then feeling burnt out and needing to take a step back for a full day (or longer).


I’ve always believed that I don’t need a new year— or a new month, a new week, or a milestone birthday— to start working on making the life that I want.  In a way, being “forced” to stay home while we wait for this virus to slow down has helped me to collect my thoughts and realize it’s time to reset my mind, and for that I’m grateful.


If you’re reading this post and you’re worried about COVID-19, I hope it’s given you some new perspective, peace of mind, or inspiration.  And even if I don’t know you, I hope you stay safe.



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